What does a successful summer for the Leafs look like?

The Leafs are starting from a pretty good place. Much like last year, but this year there is a lot more buy-in to where they are starting from because it’s a lot easier to lose to the Lightning in the first round than the Canadiens or Blue Jackets. Here’s to progress.
Anyways, there isn’t a whole lot that really needs to be done (in theory) as we should be somewhat comfortable with a team that finished with the fourth best regular season record. Except, the salary cap doesn’t make it as easy as saying “everyone gets to come back”, it’s a little much to expect everyone to have career years again, and if there’s one thing to learn from the Lightning it’s that no matter how much you like your roster you need to always be looking for opportunities to improve it.
So let’s begin, here’s what needs to be dealt with:
1. Goaltending
This isn’t a surprise to anyone, given that Mrazek was a trainwreck, neither Kallgren or Woll really looked capable of being 2nd or even solid 3rd string options at this point, and Jack Campbell is likely too expensive for what he is, and the Leafs find themselves either searching for bargains or need to splurge on an option that is superi …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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