What does it take to become the most famous person named Dmytro in the world?

While many of you may have grown up playing Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater and Underground video games, my favourite in the franchise was actually the 2006 release of Tony Hawk’s Project 8.
The premise of the game was relatively simple: increase your clout and abilities to be named as one of the 8 people on Tony Hawk’s skating team, starting from the 200th ranked skater in the world. By completing challenges and goals, you were able to raise your personal stock and popularity, and, if you’re lucky, eventually end up as the #1 ranked skater. Though it is not the only game or storyline of its kind, it is the one I chose, so let’s just move on.
Now imagine a similar list, but instead of trying to be the best skateboarder in the world, you’re trying to become the most famous person named Dmytro. For starters, most, if not all of the readers on this website would suffer an immediate disqualification, as they are not named Dmytro. In fact, people named Dmytro with origins of any of the 193 UN member states that are NOT Ukraine seem to be non-existent. As you can see below, it doesn’t …

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Author: Adam Laskaris / The Leafs Nation

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