What if you could bat whoever you wanted in extra innings?

Like most sports enthusiasts, I spend a lot of time thinking about wild hypotheticals — What if Bo Jackson never got injured? Could LeBron play in the NFL? Or, what if the Leafs traded their leading scorer of the past two seasons for a pile of magic beans?

But the most fun I tend to have with these daydream sessions is to tinker with the rules of any given sport. There’s some which have been implemented, like 3-on-3 overtime in the NHL, and some which are less likely to occur, like if all sports encouraged steroid use.
But there’s one hypothetical in baseball that would be three things: exciting, sensible, and efficient. What if, when extra innings rolls around, you can bat whoever you want, as many times as you want?
(Note: this idea might not be “original”, in the sense that maybe you or someone you’ve read or know of has thought of something similar. But it’s just something I dreamt up the other day independent of any research into the topic. I’d also suggest only using this in the regular season, and keeping things the way they are for the playoffs)  
My proposal works …

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Author: Adam Laskaris / Blue Jays Nation

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