What to expect from Denis Malgin this summer

Who? Is he a Leaf? Still?
Once I double checked, I learned that Denis Malgin played eight games for the Toronto Maple Leafs this season. Neat.
Malgin’s time with the Leafs involved averaging just over 10 minutes a game, picking up zero points, and taking three shots. That’s not really a lot to make a case for Malgin doing much of anything with the Leafs in the playoffs. Malgin is an undersized winger on a team that has no shortage of undersized wingers, other than roster depth it’s hard to make a case for Malgin as a factor in the playoffs for the Leafs.
By the numbers

So yeah, not a whole lot that sticks out as Malgin being a replacement level player. There isn’t much offense. There isn’t much defense. Malgin joins the group of Aberg, Brooks, and Petan, who played a few games for the Leafs but failed to do anything too noticeable. And really the story of Malgin’s time with the Panthers wasn’t that different.
What we’ve seen so far
Again, he’s played eight games with the Leafs. What we& …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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