What to expect from Kyle Clifford this summer

Many Leafs fans have begged and pleaded for a larger physical presence to be injected into the Leafs lineup throughout the entirety of Kyle Dubas’ tenure as Leafs GM. He’s built his team pretty much as advertised – skilled, and a tad undersized. In early February, Dubas pulled the trigger on a trade that brought in backup goalie Jack Campbell, and 6’2, 211lbs, Ontario-born Kyle Clifford, a gritty forward who’s been with the Los Angeles Kings for the past 9 seasons. Let’s take a look at what type of value Kyle Clifford has brought to his teams throughout his career, and how he may impact the play-in series against the Columbus Blue Jackets.
By the Numbers
From a number standpoint, Clifford has struggled a little in his 16 games with the Leafs, but overall has shown to be a solid defensive winger throughout his career. 
Clifford has never been much of an offensive player, which is made imminent just by looking at his point totals. He’s averaged about 16 points per 82 games since entering the league, which has slightly risen to 20 points per 82 over the last three seasons. 
Clifford is also revered …

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Author: 51Leafs / The Leafs Nation

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