What We Learned: Freddy Andersen needs a quality backup

Welcome to The Leafs Nation’s year-(so far)-in-review series in which we talk about something we learned about each player on the team this year. Today, we have Freddy Andersen’s struggles and the need to find him a competent backup.

For the first time since arriving in Toronto, Freddy Andersen showed cracks.
In his first three seasons with the club, he was insanely consistent. A .918 in 66 games in 2016-17, a .918 save percentage in 66 games again in 2017-18, and a .917 save percentage in 60 games in 2018-19. But in 2019-20, though, Andersen had some struggles, posting a .909 save percentage in 52 games, the lowest figure in his seven seasons in the league.
It’s safe to say that there’s been some wear and tear on Andersen as he’s played the most games of any goaltender in the league (tied with Connor Hellebuyck in Winnipeg) since 2016-17. The biggest reason why Andersen has played that many games over that stretch of time is because he’s had to.
The Leafs’ backup goaltending situation over the past few years has been a strange one.
Ahead of the 2016-17 season, Toronto acquired …

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Author: Cam Lewis / The Leafs Nation

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