What We Learned: No, William Nylander isn’t overpaid

Welcome to The Leafs Nation’s year-(so far)-in-review series in which we talk about something we learned about each player on the team this year. Today, we have William Nylander’s rebound performance. 

The 2018-19 season was a disaster for William Nylander.
The summer went by and the first member of the Leafs’ Big Three to reach restricted free agency was without a contract. Training camp started and Nylander wasn’t there. A few weeks later, the season got rolling and Nylander wasn’t in the lineup. This went on and on and on and on with Nylander’s image taking a hit with each passing day. While the Leafs played, he was waiting around in Europe.
Right or wrong, Nylander was painted as selfish and greedy, asking for too much money while the rest of his teammates went to work. That’s inevitably how fans are going to perceive a player holding out for more money when they’re already making millions.
At times it looked like Nylander would sit out the entire season. Hell, it even looked like he might never play for the …

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Author: Cam Lewis / The Leafs Nation

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