What went wrong? A look at the 5 worst trade deadline deals in Maple Leafs history

Losing on the ice can hurt for a day or two, losing in the front office can hurt for years. As we’ve seen countless times in the past, a single bad trade is enough to destroy a franchise’s future for seasons to come.
With the NHL’s trade deadline just a day away, at least a few teams are sure to make a move that will have everyone asking how the hell did that happen when we look back on it in a few years. The Toronto Maple Leafs are no stranger to such trades, and to avoid repeating the past we must understand what went wrong as we look at five of the worst trade deadline deals in Maple Leafs franchise history.
Since trades leading up to deadline day have become more and more common, we’ll take a look at any trades that happen in the week leading up to the deadline while trying to figure out what went wrong.
The Trade
On March 13th 1978, the Toronto Maple Leafs acquired Dan Maloney and a 1980 second round pick for Errol Thompson, a 1978 first round pick, a 1978 second round pick, and a 1980 first round pick. 
The Logic
Punch …

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Author: Filipe Dimas / The Leafs Nation

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