What would a 16-team MLB playoff field look like?

The New York Yankees and the Washington Nationals are set to kick off the 2020 season a few hours from now, the Toronto Blue Jays are currently without a home, and Major League Baseball is focused on… *checks notes* adding more teams to the playoff field. OK!

If you’re a baseball puritan, this is terrible news. Of all the major North American sports leagues, the Major League Baseball playoffs are undoubtedly the most legitimate test of merit.
You have to grind through a 162-game marathon and come out on top of your five-team division in order to guarantee yourself a playoff spot. The two best non-division winners play a one-game playoff for the opportunity to face the team with the best record in their league. Seldom do you see bad teams bullshit their way into the playoffs in baseball.
But, if you’re a Blue Jays fan, this is great news. When you’re trapped in a division with the free-spending New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox and the consistently-frustratingly-good Tampa Bay Rays, the more playoff spots up for grabs the better.
It’s really no surprise that MLB wants to add …

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Author: Cam Lewis / Blue Jays Nation

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