When Will an NHLer Do What Andrew Luck Just Did?

To say that Andrew Luck shocked the entire sports world on Saturday night would be a gross understatement.
Despite standing at the top of his profession while just days away from an NFL season in which early projections had pegged the Indianapolis Colts as potential Super Bowl contenders, Luck’s seemingly never-ending cycle of injuries and rehabilitation — in which he’d admittedly been trapped for the past four years — proved too much to bear.
To him, what came next was simple. Facing yet another early-season stint on the IR and a gruelling path back to the field, the 29-year-old quarterback did what any otherwise sensible person with the requisite financial security and long-term concern for their health would do: he retired.
Luck’s decision, frankly, was entirely rational — albeit only when stripped of the context of sport. What else did he have to prove? Injury- and rehab-induced isolation had robbed him of his competitive fire. In Luck’s mind, it was simply time.
The watching public, though, could not remove that context. It’s ingrained within their experience, making Saturday’s news a legitimate sucker punch that was felt nation-wide. NO ONE saw it coming. Many people believed ESPN’s …

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Author: Mike Stephens / The Leafs Nation

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