Where Ilya Mikheyev fits once he returns to the Leafs lineup

Ilya Mikheyev is just over halfway through his recovery of a broken thumb suffered in a pre-season game vs. Ottawa.
In a few weeks, this is going to be a problem. But it’s always a good problem to have.
Earlier this year, we learned that Mikheyev requested a trade because he wanted more ice time, which he felt like he wasn’t getting in Toronto. If you remember back to the All or Nothing series, Mikheyev spoke with Kyle Dubas about his play last year.
During his pre-season, Mikheyev looked considerably well. He was finishing more of his chances, showcasing his speed, and proving why he’s such a valuable member of this lineup.
However, fitting him in at this point of the season is going to be very difficult.
It seemed as though the 27-year-old would be a fit with David Kämpf and Ondřej Kaše. But after going down with an injury, Pierre Engvall has filled in and played considerably well with the two.
When Engvall isn’t with Kaše and Kämpf, the line has a 5.51 GA/60 at five-on-five. Once you place Engvall back, the line has a 0.54 GA/60 at five-on-five. If you’ …

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Author: Nick Barden / The Leafs Nation

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