Where the Leafs roster (and cap hit) is at today

As much as it pains me to say, the Leafs roster looks essentially done. There’s a chance that we see some minor moves involving Justin Holl, Travis Dermott, or possibly Pierre Engvall, but it seems that the deck chairs have adequately been shuffled, and even though this doesn’t look like a top tier team in the league, they are decidedly better than last year and may be capable of pulling off some surprises.


Hyman ($2.25M)
Matthews ($11.634M)
Marner ($10.893M)
Muzzin ($5.625M)
Brodie ($5M)
Andersen ($5M)

Tavares ($11M)
Nylander ($6.927M)
Rielly ($5M)
Holl ($2M)
Campbell ($1.6M)

Vesey ($900k)
Kerfoot ($3.5M)

Lehtonen ($925k)
Bogosian ($1M)

Simmonds ($1.5M)
Boyd ($700k)
Spezza ($700k)

The above roster leaves $4.185M of cap space, with Mikheyev, Dermott, and Anderson still needing to be signed. Presumably Anderson could be in the AHL, as could Boyd, and others like Malgin, Robertson, Barabanov, or Korshkov could be there in their places, but it doesn’t do much to shake that fact that there is no way of making it fit without team friendly deals by Dermott and Mikheyev, and at least dropping Holl or Dermott. There is also the fact that Mikko …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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