Which Freddie Andersen will show up this summer*?

*assuming hockey is played this summer.
When we last saw Freddie Andersen things weren’t exactly going great for him. Following his spectacular .938% save percentage in November which earned him an All-Star spot this year, he followed it up with a .904 in December, an .893 in January, and an .884 in February, and winning only 9 of his last 21 starts. Of course I could also mention that March was off to a better start with only allowing one goal in the two games he played, but that doesn’t change the fact that Andersen’s .909 save percentage is the lowest of his career, and his 51.9% Quality starts is the lowest since his rookie season.
Looking just at 5v5, Andersen’s save percentage was .915, which may sound like an improvement, but actually is worse comparatively, and places him 42nd out of the 54 goaltenders in the league who played 1000 minutes 5v5, and he finished the regular season with a GSAA -4.47. Looking at all situations, Andersen’s GSAA improved to -0.37, making him decidedly more average and having the 31st best record out of 58 goaltenders who played 1000 minutes in any situation.
The short version, Freddie Andersen is not having a …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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