Why are we trying to trade Tyson Barrie?

There’s something distinctly strange about the clamor I’m seeing to trade Tyson Barrie away from Toronto. It seems the primary target at this trade deadline for Toronto is a top 4 RHD — and yet it’s our prerogative to trade away a top 4 RHD? One we literally just acquired this offseason?
It’s clear that there’s some discomfort with the way Tyson Barrie plays hockey. For anyone that was somewhat aware of Barrie before his transition to Toronto, it should have been clear that we were not getting a typical defender.
To be clear: I have no information that says that Toronto is trying to trade Barrie away. This is only a commentary on some of the discussion I’ve seen and heard that seems intent on dealing Barrie away.
I want to start this commentary by saying that I know that it’s hard to watch Barrie sometimes. There are honest mistakes that cause real negative outcomes that I’m not disputing.
The negatives are easy to diagnose: bad shot selection, ineffective defensive zone coverage, and more bad shot selection. The bad moments are cringe-inducing, sometimes.

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Author: Ryan Hobart / The Leafs Nation

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