Why is Charlie Montoyo Managing the Blue Jays Right Now?

In a season filled with losses, the Blue Jays really don’t need any help racking them up. Yet curiously, their manager, Charlie Montoyo, has helped them earn what seems to be a few more this year. We have no objective way of measuring a manager’s decisions and putting it on the same scale as wins above replacement, so all we are left with is the eye test – a test which Montoyo has repeatedly failed. From early on this season until as recently as this week, Montoyo has repeatedly been at the helm of some lacklustre decision making.
The latest blemish on Montoyo’s record came against the Tampa Bay Rays, when he got the not-feeling-100% Ken Giles up twice to warm, but never put him into the game on Tuesday night. Even if he was saving his closer for the save opportunity that never came because it was an away game, the situation was still less than ideal. The Blue Jays wound up losing the game, but probably more important than the result was that Giles had to ramp up twice without even pitching. Despite pitchers warming up at less than max effort, studies have been done to …

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Author: Gideon Turk / Blue Jays Nation

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