Why the Leafs Should Explore Trading Andreas Johnsson

The primary reason that hockey teams make trades is that they identify a change they’d like to make and they see some kind of swap of assets as the best way to accomplish it. It could be that they want to add some depth for the playoffs, or lower the amount of money they’re spending, or any other kind of shift they think would benefit their roster. But there’s another reason that teams ought to explore the trade market that isn’t tied to any specific change they want to make, and that’s to take advantage of differences in what a player’s perceived value is compared to their actual value.  Teams should be trying to find players whose current team under-values them (*coughondrejkasecough*) and acquire them at below market value.  They should also be trying to figure out who on their own roster might be over-valued by other teams, and trading those players while their value is at its peak.
Perhaps this is too vague, so allow me to provide a more clear example. Let’s say that a team has a player who we’ll call Andreas Johnsson. And let’s also say that, …

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Author: Drag Like Pull / The Leafs Nation

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