Why the Maple Leafs should keep the core-four intact heading into next season

Keeping the core four together — some like the idea, others don’t.
After another first-round playoff exit by the Maple Leafs, I can understand both sides of the argument. If Toronto keeps losing, it doesn’t make sense to keep going with the same players over and over again. However, there’s always the possibility that these four have success in a Maple Leafs uniform.
It just might take some time and patience.
Do you want to keep going down one hallway until you find the magic door that takes you to the promise land or do you want to open a door halfway down with the possibility of inching forwards or backwards?
If you want to test the door halfway, you’re likely someone who wouldn’t be opposed to trading a player like William Nylander. If you’d like to wait, well, your perspective aligns with those of Maple Leafs’ management.
There were two sayings said by GM Kyle Dubas and President Brendan Shanahan that stood out to me during their final media availability of the season. They’re not trading someone for the sake of it and that they’re core is bigger than just the four players.
We classify Nylander, Auston …

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Author: Nick Barden / The Leafs Nation

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