With the 15th overall pick, the Leafs are proud to select…Connor Zary?

One of the older first time eligibles in the draft Connor Zary is one of many centers who the Leafs could consider to address their lack of depth in that position organizationally. (I mean the one/two spots in the depth chart are fine, but after that.)
Zary is an interest case, as older first timers tend to carry a bit of a stigma because they are expected to significantly outproduce the younger draft eligibles, and Zary certainly did that by putting up 86 points in 57 games last season, but when you see that Zary was also a 67 point player in 63 games in the year he missed the draft cut off by 10 days, it looks more like a solid first rounder following up his year with a solid draft plus one year, and Zary potentially being more NHL ready than a lot of other options available in the mid first round.
At 6’0 and 181 lbs, Zary isn’t a giant, but is big enough that he escapes the undersized stigma unfairly thrown on players like Jarvis. He was a 2nd round pick in the WHL bantam draft, so he’s been consistent in his success throughout his hockey career, and is considered …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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