With the Rangers win tonight, the Leafs draft position is finalized

After the Leafs were handed their traditional first round game seven disappointment, the interest in the entry draft increased. With Carolina, Calgary, Florida, and Colorado all sitting ahead of the Leafs in standings, the best case scenario was for those four teams to be upset and for the Leafs to see their draft position increase from 28th overall to 24th overall. The best case scenario wasn’t realized (thanks Colorado) but it came pretty darn close, and we can now officially say the Leafs will be picking 25th overall in the first round.
The other picks the Leafs hold (Jet’s 3rd and their own 7th) aren’t going to be 100% finalized until after June 1st, and will be dependent on if Minnesota signs Filip Johansson. If he doesn’t sign, the Wild are entitled to a compensatory draft pick for not signing their first rounder, and that will move all other picks back one after pick 56. So that basically means the Leafs 3rd round pick (previously the Jets pick) would be either 78th or 79th overall, and th …

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Author: Jon Steitzer / The Leafs Nation

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